• Ink Maintenance Bundle - Dr Pickles
  • Ink Maintenance Bundle - Dr Pickles
  • Ink Maintenance Bundle - Dr Pickles

Ink Maintenance Bundle

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Introducing the "Ink Maintenance Combo": Your Key to Vibrant, Long-Lasting Tattoos!

In the world of tattoo care, maintaining the brilliance and integrity of your ink is paramount. That's why we've crafted the perfect duo for your tattoo's upkeep – Dr. Pickles Tattoo Balm and Daily Wash for the Shower.

1 x 50g Tattoo Balm 


1 x Peppermint Daily Wash or 

1 x Citrus Daily Wash 

Why Choose the Ink Maintenance Combo?

🌱 Tattoo Balm: Unleash the Vibrancy
Experience the magic of Dr. Pickles Tattoo Balm, designed to nurture your tattoo's health and radiance. Crafted with care in Brisbane, Queensland, this all-natural balm blends fresh Australian pawpaw and hydrating D-Panthenol. The result? A moisture-rich, natural antiseptic that accelerates healing and reduces skin dehydration and scab formation.

🌧️ Daily Wash - Shower: Cleanse, Refresh, Repeat
Our Daily Wash for the Shower is your daily companion for pristine tattoo care. Keep your ink looking its best with a gentle, everyday cleansing routine. It's suitable for all skin types and provides a hassle-free way to cleanse your tattoo while enjoying your daily shower.

1. 🌿 **Natural Tattoo Care:** Crafted with all-natural ingredients, safe for your skin and tattoo.
2. 🇦🇺 **Australian-Made Quality:** Trust in quality craftsmanship from the heart of Australia.
3. 🌱 **Vegan and Nut-Free:** Suitable for vegans and those with nut allergies.
4. 🌼 **Antiseptic & Hydrating:** Promotes clean, healthy skin, and keeps your tattoo moisturized.
5. 🚿 **Convenient Daily Cleansing:** Keep your tattoo looking its best with daily shower use.

Elevate your tattoo care routine with the "Ink Maintenance Combo." It's the secret to maintaining your ink's brilliance, ensuring that your tattoos remain vibrant, healthy, and unforgettable. Invest in your tattoo's future today!