By Lochlan Charlton

Meet The Artist - KARLLA MENDES

This week we interviewed Karlla, A Dr Pickles Specialist Artist!Karlla is an incredible Brazilian artist who is known worldwide for her scar coverage tattooing. Get to know Karlla and learn more about her social project about scar coverage tattooing "We are Diamonds" 

 Karala - Head Shot - Specialist Team

What's your name and where do you tattoo?
 My name is Karlla Mendes.I have shops in Brazil and Australia. Currently I travel to many countries with my art and my social project 'We Are Diamonds'.
How long have you been tattooing?
Since 2002! 
What is your tattoo style?
Jewellery Tattoo, ornamental and scar coverage.I tattoo over scars and wounds from surgeries, self harm, accidents and sadly domestic violence.
What is your favourite tattoo you've worked on and why?
I love them all very much, each one has a special meaning for each client. 
Do you have any shitty/funny tattoos on you?
I have an eye tattooed on the inside of my finger that was intended to appear blinking when I greet someone, a bad idea!
Have you ever tattooed someone famous?
Yes! I have tattooed a few famous people :)
What tattoo artists do you admire?
I admire many artists in the industry.
Worst tattoo aftercare story?
As soon as a client finished her tattoo, she went to sunbathe on the beach and later came back with her skin all infected. Please dont go to the beach after a tattoo!!
What do you love about tattooing?
I think it's amazing the power that the tattoo has in empowering people!
Why Dr. Pickles?
I love using Dr Pickle products because they are of excellent quality.
What is your favourite Dr Pickles product and why?
I love the Pickle Wrap Tattoo Film for healing, the quality is INCREDIBLE. I also highly recommend the aftercare cream for after removing the film and I always use foam wash soap for cleaning during the session and recommend clients using this at home.
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