By Lochlan Charlton

Meet The Artist - ELRIC GORDON

Melbourne based award winning tattoo artist, tattoo studio co owner and specialist team artist Elric Gordon sat down with us to talk about all things tattooing, secret projects we have coming out this year & more! Have a read to get to know Elric - You'll be hearing his name a lot in the next few months here at Dr Pickles!


What's your name and where do you tattoo out of?
My name is Elric Gordon & I tattoo from The Black Mark in Northcote, Melbourne.

How long have you been tattooing?
10 years

What is your tattoo Style?
I love doing all styles of tattoos, I don't want my tattooing to get stagnant so I am always trying to tweak and evolve my style.
For the last few years I was focusing on my black and grey realism work but I've been working on and developing my own style of this lately.

What is your Favourite tattoo you have worked on and why?
That's such a difficult question, there are so many tattoos I've done that I love for different reasons. Basically I’m grateful to all my clients that have given me artistic freedom on large scale work, those are all my favourites!

Have you ever tattooed anyone famous?
I’ve had the pleasure of tattooing artists that I’ve looked up to or come up with during my career which is incredibly humbling for me.

What tattoo artists do you look up to?
Joshua Carlton, Freddy Negrete, Brad Barko, Jutty Stewart, Crispy Lennox, Ralf Nonnwiler, Byron Dreschler.

What tattoo will you never tattoo ever again and why?
Nothing really comes to mind, everything I’ve tattooed has got me to this point in my career. If a client comes in with an idea that won't relate well to being tattooed, I would prefer to work with them to create a piece we’ll both enjoy that will have longevity rather than just sending someone away.

Worst tattoo aftercare story
Honestly I don't have one, its not hard to heal a tattoo i don't know how people fuck it up (but somehow they do haha)

Tattoo fun fact?
The legend Rhys Gordon owner of Little Tokyo is my cousin.

Why Dr Pickles?
I like supporting high quality Australian brands that produce amazing products.

Favourite Dr Pickles product and why?
Having the opportunity to develop my Own glide with Dr Pickles has been an awesome experience. I wouldn't put my name on it if I didn't believe in it.

Secrets out!
Keep an eye out for our new Glide collab with Elric in the next few months!!


Where can we find you and your work?