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Dr Pickles Take Home Tattoo Film Sachets

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Introducing Dr. Pickles Tattoo Film Sachets: The Ultimate Tattoo Protection

Experience superior tattoo care with our Dr. Pickles Tattoo Film Sachets, each containing two pieces of Tattoo Film, sized at 14cm x 15cm. These sachets are packed with natural goodness, proudly Australian-made, and cruelty-free, making them the perfect choice for conscious tattoo enthusiasts.

Key Features of Dr. Pickles Tattoo Film:

🌿 All-Natural: Crafted with care, using nature's finest ingredients.
🇦🇺 Australian Made: Supporting local craftsmanship and quality.
🐰 Cruelty-Free: We're committed to ethical practices.
🚫 Paraben and Chemical-Free: Gentle and safe for tattooed skin.
🖋️ Designed for Tattooed Skin: Tailored for optimal tattoo protection and healing.

Please note that our Tattoo Film is designed to prevent infection, not to treat it.

Directions for Use:

1. **Initial Application:** After your tattoo session, most artists use cling film or Tattoo Film to wrap your fresh ink. Follow your artist's instructions, but we recommend removing the Tattoo Film when you get home using warm (not hot) water. Gently cleanse away blood and excess ink with Dr. Pickles Tattoo Foam Wash.

2. **Drying:** Pat your tattoo dry with a clean towel or paper towel and allow it to air dry until your skin begins to feel tight and dry. Allowing your tattoo to breathe like this after getting wet is crucial before it enters the peeling stage.

3. **Customization:** If needed, cut the Tattoo Film to fit your tattoo size, ensuring the orange strip is centered on your cut portion. Maintain a minimum 1 cm gap between the tattoo's edge and the Tattoo Film.

4. **Sanitization:** Before touching your fresh tattoo or handling the Tattoo Film, sanitize your hands with Dr. Pickles Tattoo Foam Wash.

5. **Application:** Apply the Tattoo Film to your tattoo while leaving at least a 1 cm gap between the tattoo's edge and the Tattoo Film. This helps the tattoo adhere to your skin.

6. **Removal:** When it's time to remove the film, wash your fresh tattoo under warm water using Dr. Pickles Tattoo Foam Wash. Gently remove any excess ink, fluids, and blood under running water. Pat dry and allow it to air before applying Tattoo Balm. We recommend using Tattoo Film for the first 48 hours of the healing process before transitioning to the Wash and Heal tattoo care method.

7. **Caution:** Keep in mind that Dr. Pickles Pickle Wrap is very thin and adhesive. We do not recommend leaving it on your tattoo for more than two consecutive days. If reapplying, use a small amount of balm on the tattoo, and then reapply the Pickle Wrap with sanitized hands.

Elevate your tattoo care routine with Dr. Pickles Tattoo Film Sachets, your ultimate tattoo protection solution. Trust us to keep your ink looking its best while promoting a healthy healing process.