Dr. Pickles Specialist Team

Welcome to Dr. Pickles Specialist Team, home to an extraordinary group of handpicked specialist professionals who proudly represent Dr Pickles. As the selected sponsorship team for Dr Pickles, our members are the epitome of expertise and skill in the tattoo industry. Each specialist brings a unique and exceptional talent, backed by years of experience and a passion for creating stunning tattoo artwork. From masterful line-work to mesmerising realism, our Team of artists have mastered their craft to deliver top-tier results. Explore our website to discover the exceptional talent that proudly represents Dr Pickles, and witness the transformative power of their artistry. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity, innovation, and excellence as you explore the remarkable work of our selected specialist team.

  • Justin Tilbrook


    Addikted to Ink

  • Jack Tee


    Addikted to Ink

  • Lauren Walker


    Aquatica Tattoo

  • Russell Debono


    Capone Ink

  • Khail Aitken


  • Samantha Sharland


    Billingsgate Tattoo

  • Ellis Graham


    Billingsgate Tattoo

  • Chris Chant


    Full Spectrum Tattoo Gallery

  • Scott Moss


    Golden Heart Tattoos

  • Paul Briske


    Infinite Worlds Tattoo

  • Sean Loco


    Loco Tattoo

  • Carly Kawaii


    N2N Tattoo

  • Gabi Wilkinson


    Reverence Tattoo

  • Kris Sunkee


    The Melbourne Compendium

  • Sam Nugent


    The Melbourne Compendium

  • Karlla Mendes


    Stylo Tattoo + Sweat Pea Tattoo

  • Elric Gordon


    The Black Mark

  • Ben Thomas


    Umbra Tattoo

  • Daniel Barnes


    Uncle Winston's Tattoo Studio

  • Keegan Blair


    Young Bloods

  • Jackson May


    Young Bloods & Good Times

  • Colin Squire


    Squires Ink Tattoo Studio