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  • Dr. Pickles Pickle Wrap - Dr Pickles
  • Dr. Pickles Pickle Wrap - Dr Pickles
  • Dr. Pickles Pickle Wrap - Dr Pickles

Dr. Pickles Pickle Wrap

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Introducing Dr. Pickles Tattoo Film: Your Ultimate Tattoo Shield

Wrap your ink in a second skin of protection with our innovative 15cm x 10m Roll of Dr. Pickles Tattoo Film, the ultimate "Pickle Wrap" for your fresh tattoo. This transparent, hypoallergenic adhesive bandage is designed to keep your tattoo pristine, ensuring it stays clean and safe during the critical healing process.

Our tattoo film boasts a unique matte finish that mimics the texture of snake skin, making it nearly invisible once applied. It's not just a safeguard; it's a camouflage that your clients will forget they're wearing. Plus, its waterproof, breathable, and ultra-thin design prevents any ink-catching or peeling mishaps, ensuring your tattoo remains a masterpiece.

Key Features of Dr. Pickles Tattoo Film:

🐍 Snake Skin Matte Finish: Prevents lifting or catching, blending seamlessly with your skin.
👀 Invisible Shield: Your clients will forget it's there, showcasing your tattoo's beauty.
🌱 Paraben and Chemical-Free: Gentle on tattooed skin.
🖋️ Designed for Tattooed Skin: Tailored to protect and enhance fresh ink.

Please note that our Tattoo Film is not meant to treat infections but rather to prevent them. It works best when used alongside our Dr. Pickles Tattoo Balm and Dr. Pickles Tattoo Foam Wash. For easy removal, simply take a warm shower to relax the adhesive gently.

Keep your fresh tattoo germ-free and safeguard your clothing with the ultimate "Pickle Wrap." This breathable, lightweight, waterproof, transparent, and flexible wrap acts as a second skin, reducing the risk of infection and preserving your tattoo's brilliance.

With Dr. Pickles Tattoo Film, you can comfortably wear your protective "second skin" for up to 24 hours with the initial application. If you wish to reuse it, make sure to clean and dry your tattoo before applying a fresh wrap.

Choose Dr. Pickles Tattoo Film for the ultimate in tattoo protection and enhancement – it's the pickle wrap your tattoo deserves.