By Lochlan Charlton



Loz and her partner Will own the beautiful studio Aquatica out of Brookvale, Sydney.Loz is a highly skilled artist who is part of Dr Pickles Specialist Team, showcasing her exceptional talent and expertise in the world of tattoo artistry.Loz's  artistic abilities and attention to detail shine through in every piece she creates, demonstrating why she is an esteemed member of Dr Pickles Specialist Team.

Although Aquatica is a private studio, they warmly welcome all with open arms! Whether you have questions regarding the tattooing process or would like to book an appointment, the friendly team at Aquatica is always available and ready to help!You can also catch Loz and the team at Iron Gate Tattoo Convention in November!

What's your name and where do you tattoo from?My Name is Loz or @LozzaRachTattooer on insta, I work out of Aquatica Tattoo on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.How long have you been tattooing?7 years.What is your tattoo style?God this is a hard one as I do a few different styles. At the moment I've been focusing on Realism, Line-work and Illustrative tattooing.What is your fave tattoo you have ever worked on and why?I have too many favourites to name, but my current fave is a full torso of a giant eagle and snake fight. I love it because it pushed me artistically. Its stylised realism inspired by the classic traditional battle royal imagery, I got to really play around with the style and my client was super easy going, giving me full creative freedom so it felt like a big growth moment!Do you have any shitty/ funny tattoos on yourself?So many! Some have been lasered, but my favourite is my ‘Tzatziki’ in a heart tattoo, because condiments and dips are the way to my heart. Have you ever tattooed anyone famous?No! But I would love to! What tattoo artists do you look up to?There’s too many to name them all, I adore Rich Hardy and Oliver Makintosh's work, Hannah Flowers, Samantha Mancino (s.mancinotattoo) I also feel super inspired by Giacomo Bobbios dark surrealist realism tattoos, Thomas Cali Jarlier for his crazy realism and Alex Sorsa What tattoo will you never tattoo ever again and why?Dot work mandalas. I find them so boring I feel like there are so many other artists out there who are incredibly good at them getting me to do one would be a waste. And Tarot cards, they just don’t align with me as an artist, so again go to someone who will do the project justice.Worst tattoo aftercare story?I don't really have one that comes to mind thankfully (touch wood!)Tattoo fun fact?Don Ed Hardy taught Terry Wrigley ,who taught Fleetwood Phil, who taught Paul Curnock, who taught me! feels cool to be connected to tattooing history like that.

Why Dr pickles?I used other products for years as there weren’t many alternatives, as soon as I moved to this country, I started using Dr Pickles and never looked back, I love how gentle it is on the skin, and you can keep on using it for weeks without any risk of irritating your skin. Fave Dr Pickle product and why?I’d have to say the antibacterial foam wash, I feel like it makes the tattoos heal faster. But also, it’s so convenient to put in your bag if you’re on the go with a fresh tat and not sure where or what to clean it with. It also means you don’t have to stand in the body wash aisle reading the ingredients on every bottle to work out what to use! Where can we find you?