By Lochlan Charlton



doomsday tattoo- meet

Whats your name & where do you tattoo out of?
 Hi, my name is Jake or Doomsday Tattoo & I tattoo out of FSC Tattoo and Barber.
How long have you been tattooing?
 Just over 7 years!
What is your tattoo style?
I like to tattoo all styles but mostly do large scale black and grey work.
What is your favorite tattoo you have ever worked on and why?
My favourite tattoo I have ever worked on was for my mum.
Its 2 koi fish in a pond from a birds eye view. A super fun piece with one of the fish breaking the surface of the water adding ripples across the entire piece. I got to try some new techniques on this piece which was great for a new challenge and the fact it was for mum made it even more special.

Do you have any shitty/ funny tattoos on yourself?
My first tattoo is probably the shittiest I have up on my thigh. Given it was my first tattoo it was probably my initiation into the industry, again it holds a special place in my heart and the fact its a horse shoe with a banner saying good luck is pretty fitting.

Have you ever tattooed anyone famous?
No, not yet!
What tattoo artists do you look up to?
I look up to many artists all for different reasons. some for their skills and others for their hustle and work ethic guys like @renunutattoo @edgilj @honkeykonger @timtavaria @andresinkman @alex_sances_one @_mashkow_ to name a few.
What tattoo will you never tattoo ever again and why?
I haven't ever tattooed anything i wouldn't tattoo again. 
Worst aftercare story?
I tattooed client who then decided to hit the beach pretty hard and drown his tattoo in coconut oil for a solid 2 weeks.. Despite the pretty detailed instructions given - funnily enough they said it was my fault it didn't heal properly.

Tattoo fun fact?
The oldest preserved tattoo ever found is on a 5300 year old mummy named Otzi the iceman- found frozen in the mountains of Italy.
Why Dr Pickles?
You guys strive to be the best and have innovated and i believe the Dr Pickles range is the best for both the tattooing process and the aftercare process!
You guys take me to a new level!

Fave Dr Pickles product and why?
The Dr Pickles aftercare balm easily the best and most complete aftercare on the market!!
Where can we find you?