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Jack Chilcote - Dr Pickles Interview

Jack Chilcote - Dr Pickles Interview - Dr Pickles

Jack Chilcote, a young Sunshine Coast man, recently discovered he could turn his deep appreciation for tattoos into a full time career with the rise of social media platform TikTok. Dr Pickles had the honour of sitting down with Jack for a chat when he visited our new office to film some exciting up to the minute content.ย 

What do you get up to when youโ€™re not busy creating content on social media?

Iโ€™ve only just recently been lucky enough to start monetizing my online content. I used to work in construction as a stonemason which, I guess, is my back-up plan.ย 

When did you get your first tattoo?

Like most rebellious kids when I turned 18, I found a cheap tattoo gun online and tried my hand at a few scribbles on my foot. Iโ€™m not very creative so I learnt my lesson pretty quickly.ย 

What originally drew you into getting tattoos?

I always knew I wanted tattoos but the advertisement for Dermablendย with the late โ€˜Zombie Boyโ€™ (Rick Genest) heavily inspired me. I feel like he paved the way in breaking some stigmas against high fashion individuals having tattoos.ย 

Do any of your tattoos have a funny story behind them?

I had my sternum touched up and the artist gave me a lollipop because it looked like I was going to pass out at any second.ย 

Do you know how many tattoos you have?

Eighty-Eight Tattoos. I would always get asked and I didnโ€™t know what to tell people until recently a friend and I decided to sit down and count them all. Iโ€™d hate to think about how much money I've spent.

Would you say your tattoos are quite curated?

Every tattoo I have sticks within a certain theme and is carefully placed but I do think, with black and white traditional, itโ€™s easy to chuck in some random tattoos here and there.ย 

Do you have a favorite Dr Pickles product?

Oh definitely the Peppermint and Hemp Seed Oil 3in1 Wash. The smell is incredible.ย 

Thank you Jack Chilote for spending the time to talk to us about your tattoo experiences.ย Watch out for more exciting news and videos featuringย Dr Pickles Tattoo Aftercare.ย 


Published: 5/10/2022 | Author: Nikita Jeppesen

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