By Nikita Jeppesen

Getting Tattooed in Bali

Is it safe?

The question of whether it's safe to get a Bali tattoo is one often posed by travelers and the answer may surprise you.  Whilst Bali has a reputation for being a popular destination for cheap, and sometimes questionable tattoos, the truth is that there are actually plenty of reputable tattoo studios throughout the island. For a country that's known for its laid-back, carefree vibe Bali has surprisingly strict laws around tattooing. In fact, it's technically illegal for anyone who is not a doctor or licensed practitioner to give tattoos in Bali.

Before getting inked it's important to do your research and find a studio with clean equipment and experienced artists.  As with any tattoo, make sure you listen to your artist's advice about proper aftercare to ensure your Bali souvenir doesn't end up causing an infection. Don't let Bali's reputation dissuade you from getting that vacation tattoo - just make sure you go about it in a safe and responsible manner.

Why you should and shouldn’t get tattooed in Bali?


  • Conversation starter: There’s nothing wrong with making your friends a bit jealous about your most recent holiday and what better way to do it with some brand new ink. Mark your trip and have everyone asking “Where did you get that done?” or “What’s the story behind it?”
  • Memories: Unlike getting your new boyfriend or girlfriend's name tattooed on your body, getting a small reminder of your trip is a great place for many people wanting their first tattoo to start. 
  • Affordable prices: Getting tattooed in Bali will cost you less than getting tattooed back home but as the saying goes “Good tattoos aren’t cheap, and cheap tattoos aren’t good”, do your research before you fall for any tempting offers. 
  • It’s done in half the time: Of course, with all tattoos, the time frame depends on the complexity of the design but in Bali you might be lucky enough to find a studio that will have highly skilled tattooers / multiple people working on your tattoo at one time. 


  • Existing health conditions: 
  • Before getting a tattoo anywhere, it’s important to be aware of any health conditions that may affect the tattoo or your own safety. People with conditions such as Hemophilia, Hepatitis, HIV, Epilepsy and certain skin conditions should avoid getting tattooed. It is always a good idea to consult a medical professional if you have any similar conditions. 

    • You haven’t done enough research: It’s important to take some time to research a few different studios before settling on where to get your next tattoo. Some things to look for include:-
    • Reputation
    • Portfolio and style
    • Cleanliness
    • Certifications
    • Limited options for medical care: While getting inked on the island may seem like a cool souvenir to bring home, the limited availability of proper medical care can quickly turn that dream vacation into a nightmare.  As inexperienced artists offer discounted rates, and tourists jump at the opportunity to save some money, they often overlook the potential consequences. Without access to proper medical facilities in Bali complications or infections from a poorly done tattoo can easily become serious health concerns.

    Will Bali’s tropical climate affect my tattoo?

    Sun, sweat, and surf - not the best combination for a fresh tattoo. With the right preparation and aftercare, all these variables can be avoided but the best recommendation is to get tattooed towards the end of your trip. 

    What aftercare is available for me in Bali? 

    Bali is still slightly hit or miss with their tattoo aftercare. Instead of getting to Bali and having a panic run from chemist to chemist trying to find overpriced nappy rash cream, here at Dr Pickles we have a few options to prepare for your overseas tattoo experience:-

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    Published: 12/10/2022 | Author: Nikita Jeppesen