Dr Pickles Box of 50 Units - Antibac Foam Wash (50ml) - Dr Pickles

Dr Pickles Box of 50 Units - Antibac Foam Wash (50ml)

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Dr. Pickles Antibacterial Tattoo Foam Wash is a soothing, aloe-based sanitizing foam designed for both studio tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts who want to maintain vibrant, healthy ink. Paired perfectly with the Dr. Pickles Tattoo Balm for healing, this product combines advanced technology with natural ingredients to provide a gentle yet potent bacterial agent tailored specifically for the tattoo community.

**Key Features:**

- **All Natural:** Crafted with care from natural ingredients.
- **Australian Made:** Proudly made in Australia.
- **Vegan Friendly:** Formulated without animal-derived ingredients.
- **Cruelty-Free:** We never test on animals.
- **Environmentally Friendly:** Our commitment to the planet.
- **Paraben-Free:** No harsh chemicals to worry about.
- **Natural Antiseptic:** Promotes a clean and healthy tattoo.
- **Gentle Antibacterial Soap:** Protects against infection.
- **Promotes Fast, Healthy Skin Repair:** Ideal for tattooed skin.
- **Cools the Skin and Helps with Redness:** Soothing relief.
- **Topical Infection Preventative:** Safeguard your ink.
- **Hemp Oil:** A nourishing touch for your skin.