Tattoome Machines make it Down Under

There is great debate as to what makes the perfect tattoo machine.  Its size, weight, no. of wraps in the coil, the stroke, coils over rotary the list goes on forever.  This question has intrigued me since my very first tattoo.  A serious gadget freak nothing intrigued me more than a tattoo machine.  A device so simple in appearance yet so complex and intricate in design.  I’ve had many conversations about what makes the perfect machine with artists and machine builders and the same answer always pops up “everyone’s different”.  The lack of definitive answers led me on the hunt to find the worlds best tattoo machine and I’m pretty close on my hunt for my holy grail.  The US boasts the worlds best machine builder and they could be right, such builders as Workhorse Irons, Sefbee, Mickey Sharps, Corey Rogers, Jay Brown, and the incredible Dan Dringenberg are some of the amazing talent pumping out intricate soulful machines that have all the bells and whistles.

Pickles model Georgie and Tattoome machines go hand in hand


Yas Vo rocks her new Tattoome machine


If you’re on the hunt for some new hardware in Australia check out the catalogue online at tattoo and call the tattoome office on 073266 5070 or email me at and we can sort something out.

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