Wash Heal Pack + Bucket Hat

Wash Heal Pack + Bucket Hat

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Containing two of our best selling Tattoo Aftercare products and our Old Port logo bucket hat. 

1 x 75g tube Dr Pickles Original Formula Tattoo Balm

1 x 50ml Dr Pickles Foaming Tattoo Anti-Bacterial Wash

When you buy a Dr Pickles shirt, jacket, hoodie or hat, you will not only receive a high-quality product that looks great and won’t stretch, you are supporting local business!

Product Details

Bucket hat 
Reinforced brim with stitching detail, side eyelets 
Light-Mid weight 
100% cotton
One size fits all

Step 1: ⁠Sanitise, hydrate and soothe your fresh tattoo with our Antibacterial Foaming Tattoo Wash – the aloe and hemp will do wonders for a tender new tattoo!⁠ ⁠Your tattoo will feel immediately soothed after using Dr Pickles Antibacterial Foaming Tattoo Wash, it takes the sting out out of a fresh tattoo. It is designed to be used to wash and sanitise your tattoo and hands, keep the handy pump bottle on you for the first two weeks after being tattooed and apply after any time that you think the tattoo may have been bumped or come into contact with anything that may infect the tattoo (i.e. whilst at work, going to the gym, etc) to ensure the tattoo is sanitised and hydrated.

Step 2: Seal and protect your tattoo with Dr Pickles Original Tattoo Balm! Our Tattoo Balm mixes together D-panthenol and fresh Aussie paw paw to create the perfect environment for a tattoo to heal! The bees wax will create a barrier between your tattoo and the elements and give it the best opportunity to heal.

Remember, the better you look after your tattoo, the better it will look in years to come, use the original and the best on your artwork today!

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