Traditional tattoo by Mitch Love

As an avid tattoo collector and admirer, I have always been fascinated by the simplicity and minimalistic approach to traditional tattooing as we know it today.  Not to confuse this with real traditional Polynesian tribal tattoos, I’m talking rum drinking fighting sailor traditional tattoos.  Made famous in the 70s by such infamous artists as Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, Zeke Owen, Rolo Banks, Philadelphia Eddie.

The simplistic sailor style of tattoos produced by these legends still hold weight today, are easily recognisable and associated with that era of tattooing.  So after years of getting tattooed and collecting some great pieces by New school artists such as French Canadian comic style genius of Electric Pick, Argentinian power liners Rana, Maxi Espino to the psychedelic colours of David Vizdul.

All great artists and all great work and I don’t regret a single piece but as I’ve grown older my taste for tattoos have also matured, so the hunt was on! I’m now in the game for traditional simple sailor tattoos and just so happens one of my favorite traditional style artist lives on my doorstep and posted a piece on Instagram and said it was up for grabs! I wasn’t going to let this chance go by.  The race was on to get in first and with over 700 likes for the drawing, I didn’t like my chances.  Late that afternoon the sound of new mail in my inbox rang loud and clear and jumped on the machine to find an email from the one and only Mitch Love. it was good to go!! I could not believe my luck.

So today after 2 and half hours of unpleasant pain and a good yarn.  I learned what it takes to be a devout straight edge, the joys of being a simple family man and being confident as an artist without the rock star attitude.  We talked about plans for the whole leg down the track, I think a panther head with a dagger is on the cards for round 2.. so without rambling anymore here what went down for the day.  Thanks, Mitch, you nailed it. Sailor Jerry would be proud!

Done and dusted, homeward bound

Workstation Ready!

Mitch Love is traditional as it gets, awesome dude awesome artist

laying down the power lines

sitting pretty

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