Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Expo 2013

Well after a long journey, 24hrs to be exact we finally made it back to Pickles HQ in one piece.  We arrived in Sydney and set up HQ in the hipster downtown borough of Newtown.  Moore park and the heritage listed Royal hall of industries building right in the guts of Sydney City was the venue for what would be three days of tattooing goodness.

We got to catch up with Corey Miller the legendary

Day 1 was industry day and our first taste of international tattoo convention life.  We met lots of great artists, enthusiasts and industry heavyweights including the infamous Corey Miller of LA Ink fame.  Steven Perry from Tewantin tattoo studio had artists buzzing around our booth from everywhere to check out the awesome colourful Tattoome machines hand built by machine builder Michael Psut all the way from Poland.  Dr Pickles is now the exclusive distributor of these powerhouse machines for Australia and NZ.   Amongst the chaos I managed to slip away and get tattooed by one of my favourite artists around, Ocean Inks king of new school, Tristan Bentley.  The ‘ugly kid’ was the order of the day and wearing his trademark butchers apron the ultra cool local lad went to work on the back of my leg.  I was stoked with the end result, resembling something like my childhood heroes the garbage pale kids.

Tristan Bentleys the KID is now on my leg forever.

Day 2, was full on from the get go!  A quick coffee and catch up with convention neighbor Corey Miller set the tone of the day.  I hooked the legendary artist up with a box Dr Pickles and some merch to use for his clients he would be tattooing over the wknd and a bunch of samples to take back to the States.  I was more than proud to see a box of Dr Pickles on his workstation ready to go.

The Dr Pickles booth ready for a big day

When the doors opened to the public at midday the rush was on.  A congregation of enthusiastic artists and collectors tattoo and body art at its best.  The smell of dettol, blood and ink were thick in the air and the buzzing of 300 + tattoo machines all humming in unison set the scene for a visual feast of tattoos and body art.  Getting to meet some of the best artists in the game was a highlight for me personally.  Following the endless supply of top quality work through social media such as Instagram, it was great to finally meet the personalities behind some of the worlds best art.  watching it all unfold ‘live’ gave me an even greater appreciation for what they do and how they achieve such precision.

Francky bangs out the goods as always

Day 3, was a rusty start going hard for 3 days without sleep started to take its toll.  Nursing a hangover from hell, I took the words of wisdom from Sailor Jerry crew and kicked off with a SJ punch in the back of their signature airstream.  It wasn’t long before a jar of Dr Pickles moonshine was cracked and the rest of the day was more like a Dr Pickles party than a tattoo convention.

Moonshine king Thayne gets the party started

We would like to thank everyone who came and hung out with us and helped spread the pickles love.  To everyone who supported us and bought some Dr Pickles for their new tattoos I hope its healing well.  Send us any pics from over the wknd or feel free to post them up on our Facebook or email them directly to us and we will post them here on the blog.

one of the coolest pieces I have seen all weekend


Francky zones in on another masterpiece


Yas Vo rocks her new Tattoome machine


Dr Pickles goes to Taiwan



the nun



Dayne and Pickles model Leah


Westo gets the Rock from Francky


our boy and Mr Australia bodybuilder PJ


old school gypsie


skull and cross


this must have hurt.


Pickles model Georgie and Tattoome machines go hand in hand


Nashy Gunz is the latest addition to the Pickles Pro Team, artist


Dayne Weston lines up for a Francky Special

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