By Nikita Jeppesen

Supporting Australian Made

The past few years have altered the way we approach everything from travel to shopping, Covid-19 has seen people become more aware than ever of the importance of supporting their local communities and businesses so that we don’t lose them forever. 

During lockdown online shopping became increasingly popular with international stores only a click away, so why would buying Australian made products and supporting small local businesses such as Dr Pickles be a better idea?

Here are some reasons to support Australian made: -

  • When supporting local businesses, and purchasing Australian made products, you are keeping your money circulating within the local economy which helps to create more jobs and keep skilled labour in Australia.
  • Because Australia requires businesses to meet some of the world’s strictest labour, business, safety and quality control standards you can be sure you are purchasing quality products.
  • With some people waiting months for their new cars to arrive from overseas, it has become clear that maintaining local onshore manufacturing could help to prevent supply chain disruptions and shortages. We make it our mission to fulfill orders in a timely manner.
  • Delivery of goods will be faster and cheaper than offshore shopping. 

Dr Pickles recently received Australian Made certification and we are incredibly proud to be investing in other Australian made businesses in the process of making our products and printing out merchandise! 

The legend of De Geschiedenis Van Picklestein (also known as          Dr Pickles)

In the late 17th century Dr Van Picklestein left his home town in the Old Port of Amsterdam, Holland in search of traditional skin treatments and remedies, he found what he was looking for on a tropical island in the Southern Seas where a golden fruit known as Paw Paw (Carica Papaya) grew in abundance and was fabled to have magical healing properties. The fruit was transported back to Holland, along with a new beloved wife, where the Doctor began working on a way to unlock the fruit’s ancient secrets. In the old Port of Amsterdam Dr Pickles Original Formula Tattoo Balm became the go to remedy for tattoo artists, sailors and mermaids.


In 2010 three Queensland brothers Xenon, Nigel and Luke Soden, with their founding father’s approval, began producing their very own unique premium tattoo balm and aftercare products to continue the Dr Pickles legacy. The famous formulas and remedies, which have been handed down through generations, continue to be produced to the very highest standard of quality using only the finest ingredients and are now commercially available thanks to the hard work and tireless dedication of the great great descendants of the doctor himself.


Published: 19/9/2022 | Author: Nikita Jeppesen