By Lochlan Charlton

Sleeping with a new Tattoo


You’ve just gotten a killer new tattoo, and now you’re wondering how to get your beauty rest while still keeping it fresh, clean and safe;


Getting a good snooze while your body is trying to heal is super important for the body’s natural ability to heal and your immune system! Here are our tips + tricks:


First avoid excessively and unnecessarily touching your new tattoo; in the early days of the healing process your tattoo is essentially an opened wound and is incredibly vulnerable to bacteria and germs.


Depending on whether your new tattoo is a fine-line or is heavily packed with shading and colour, will depend  within the first 48 hours.


If your artist wrapped your new tattoo in Dr Pickles Tattoo Film, you can leave that on overnight (and for the recommended time period), and that will protect both your new tattoo and your sheets.


If your artist wrapped your new tattoo with cling film, leave the wrap on for 2-3 hours and then wash your tattoo with Dr Pickles Foam Wash under warm water once at home. Always ensure you’ve washed your hands thoroughly prior to touching your new tattoo, and always pat dry, don’t rub!


If you aren’t covering your new tattoo with Dr Pickles Tattoo Film overnight, it is recommended that you use bed sheets that you are ok with getting ink on.
If possible, don’t lie on your new tattoo - avoid any unnecessary pressure and irritation to the area.

Once you’ve made it through your first night with your new skin sticker, ensure you continue to use Dr Pickles Foam Wash and Dr Pickles Tattoo Aftercare Balm to heal your tattoo correctly.

Sweet Dreams,
The Pickles Fam xoxo