Make Your Healed Tattoos Look Fresh Again with Tattoo Aftercare!

Once your tattoo is completely healed follow these few tips to help with slowing down the tattoo aging process:

  • Protect them from the sun! As a preventative for fading due to sun damage, apply Dr Pickles High Protection Sunscreen Lotion to tattooed skin every four hours. Even driving with your arm out the window will, overtime, affect the vibrancy of your tattoos.
  • Regularly wash and gently exfoliate your tattoos. This will remove any old skin cells and promote the production of new skill cells, giving your tattoos the best opportunity to shine brightly. We recommend working up a lather with our 3in1 Hemp Wash, not only will it gently clean your skin, but it’s made with both raw coconut and hemp oils, making it incredibly hydrating for skin.
  • Moisturise your tattoos. Winter is upon us here in Australia, and you do not want the cool dry weather to affect your artwork. After cleaning your skin, apply a thin layer of Dr Pickles Original Tattoo Balm or Paw Paw Balm (our vegan option) to your tattoo. This will hydrate the skin and have your tattoo looking immediately more vibrant, shiny and bright.