Ignorant Tattoos

You may have noticed some weird, sketchy, almost regretful tattoos popping up everywhere? These tattoos aren’t done by mistake on a drunken night out in Vegas, this is actually a style of tattooing known as ignorant tattoos. In the past 10 years we’ve seen these tattoos become more than mainstream to the point where some of you reading this already have an ignorant tattoo somewhere on your body. 


Back to the question everyone is asking; how did these tattoos become so popular? What does it say about society today that we want to permanently sketch a picture of Bart Simpson with his face as his ass onto our skin?


In 2016 an image of Scarlette Johansan appeared with a tattoo of a horseshoe that says “lucky you” and the world couldn’t quite put a finger on what style of tattoo it was. 


Artist Fuzi, often credited with starting the entire ignorant tattoo movement, started as a graffiti artist in France and said in an interview with Complex  “My friends and I were wild and without rules and I wanted to create a style that expressed something free. Ignorant Style was based on how graffiti looked in the beginning in NYC,  it was meant to look like it was made by a child who is just learning the art form - naive but pure. Ignorant Style is a reaction to the standardization of graffiti. You write your name how you want, where you want, and fuck the rest. There are no rules”.

Keith Collins, better known as Sailor Jerry, was the key to popularizing the style that we now know as American Traditional and kickstarting what writer Arnold Rubin would later call “the tattoo renaissance”. Over the next 50 to 60 years modern tattooing continued on a steady trajectory and new styles were constantly being created. When Instagram came into the picture, clients no longer had to flick through magazines or visit a website to find the perfect artist, discovering different styles is easier than ever. Unfortunately this then created a trend of people finding and purchasing tattoo machines online for themselves and so the rise of party tattoos began.

Around the world people started to wear their smiley face toes and four leaf clover bums like a badge of honor to tell a story of who they are and how much more spontaneous and wild they were than Susan, who got an infinity symbol tattooed on her wrist whilst traveling around Italy (no shame on you Susan, you do you).

Tattoos have started to get weirder and weirder with the stigma behind having a ridiculous tattoo  fading away, many now laugh in the face of their permanence. Whether you choose to go down the ebay tattoo gun route or get an ignorant tattoo by an artist like Fuzi, aftercare and hygiene should always be of the utmost importance. Our Dr Pickles Wash Heal Pack is the perfect take home bundle for anyone with a new tattoo. 

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Published: 5/9/2022 | Author: Nikita Jeppesen