Dr Pickles now available in Big W!


Dr Pickles, a Brisbane company known and loved for being a heavy weight in providing premium all-natural, all-Australian, alternatives for tattoo aftercare, is proud that from 3 September 2020, two of its flagship products will be available in Big W stores nation-wide.

Big W is known as one of Australia’s most trusted retailers, stocking some of the nation’s most loved brands and providing great quality and satisfaction for Australian families for over 40 years.

From 3 September 2020, tattoo lovers can purchase Dr Pickles Original Tattoo Balm and Original Formula Foaming Tattoo Wash from all 183 Big W Stores Nationally.

Fueled by the passion to deliver a high-quality Australian made product to the tattoo community, Dr Pickles worked hard to create its first signature product the Original Formula Tattoo Balm. This innovative product contains both the active ingredient from the nappy rash cream (D-Panthenol), coupled with real, Australian papaya and was an instant hit with tattoo lovers.

This unique product hydrates and seals freshly tattooed skin whist the paw paw provides a natural anesthetic, which protects the integrity of the tattoo artwork by promoting the healthy cell reproduction of tattooed skin.

Furthermore, Dr Pickles have infused coconut oil and sweet almond oil to combine the moisture rich fatty acids found in coconut oil with antioxidant rich vitamins contained in sweet almond oil to create optimal skin hydration, which makes the Original Tattoo Balm an excellent choice to be used as a moisturiser after the tattoo is healed. 

Dr Pickles Original Antibacterial Foaming Tattoo Wash is a soothing aloe-based, sanitising foam, perfect for tattoo enthusiasts to use as part of the aftercare regime to maintain their artwork. 

Packed full of enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, aloe and raw coconut oil, this tattoo wash creates a gentle, but potent, antibacterial agent designed specifically for the tattoo community. 

This foam is perfect to be used in the first few days of having a tender, fresh tattoo to gently clean it instead of using harsh commercial body washes. It can also be used to sanitise your hands before touching your new tattoo.